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The club, opened September 7, 1989 by Manfred Langer, can be found a stone's throw from the famous Rembrandt Square in a former movie house. The iT is different from other Amsterdam clubs by the extravagant public and variety of special events that take place here. Initially, the goal was to combine the straight and gay life of the Amsterdam party scene, but this is now commonplace in Amsterdam largely because of the iT.
The music played is club music, happy and mellow house. While presenting special guest DJ's, the iT also has three regular DJ's:
Jean, Guan and Stephen and one LJ : Werner.
Each evening the iT dancers can be seen, continually enticing and motivating the public in their own original way. Furthermore, there are candy girls, side shows and the iT souvenir booth where T-shirts, CD's from the iT house DJ's, chains, key rings, and other
iT souvenirs can be purchased. Finally, each week there is always a performance, a strip show or an added surprise to be seen at the iT.
The club has a capacity of up to 1250 people. There are five bars, one of which is a VIP bar where calmer music can be found if one needs a break from the house music. Almost every month there are theme
parties, such as the Swimming Pool Party, the Hollywood Party, the Golden Triangle Party (a tribute to the person who in the last year most contributed to the gay movement, according to the iT), Manfred's Birthday Party, the Halloween Party, et cetera. Furthermore, the popularity of the Sunrise Party has grown immensely, which is held now five times a year; the morning party begins on Sunday morning at 6h00 and runs till noon with many diverse attractions.

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Discotheek iT
Amstelstraat 24
1017 DA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. 00 31 20 6250111


Thursday - THE FEELING Friday - MAD HOUSE
From 23h00 to 04h00 From 23h00 to 05h00
Entrance: Gays free,
Others HFL 12.50
Entrance: Members HFL 12.50,
Non-members HFL 17.50
From 23h00 to 05h00 From 23h00 to 04h00
Entrance: HFL 12.50,
Gay only!
Entrance: Members HFL 12.50,
Non-members HFL 17.50

New membership cards are available at the counter.
Identification required.

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