Since the beginning of 1993, Marc de Vries has been doing the iT display windows on the Amstelstraat. The goal: they have to give an image of what goes on inside the club to the passer-by ... and of what is possible!
Before Marc began, there were only photos stapled to hardboard. With a background including the Rietveld Academy and work as a television art-director, Marc found that the windows could be better and offered
Manfred to give them a more professional look. Now the photo's are done justice in beautiful collages that often include moving objects and streaming water, for example.
The in last three and a half years there have been many controversial scenes behind these windows, such as suggestive erotic shows with models and use of adult toys. This is all done for the amusement of the passing public, who are, incidentally, not unanimously pleased with all that is displayed. Once and a while someone is so shocked by 'all that nakedness' that complaints are made to the police, where as a result, window displays sometimes have to be altered or dismantled.
The iT display windows are still the most famous in Amsterdam and play a role in the continued success of the iT.